Water and Wastewater

Distribution, Collection, and Pumping

Infrastructure upgrades for growth

As population bases increase, so does the need for expanded infrastructure. Garver is committed to delivering the most advanced technologies to update and expand collection and distribution systems. Our engineers have long-standing relationships with numerous communities, helping them develop solutions for their system needs. Garver has experience in planning, modeling, design, and construction observation that includes new design and advanced rehabilitation methods. For rehabilitation of sewer lines, we investigate the feasibility and cost effectiveness of dig and replace versus trenchless techniques, such as sliplining and pipe bursting. Garver also assists in obtaining construction permits, consent order schedule negotiations, utility coordination, and financial program assistance.

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WHCRWA Kinder Morgan Segment 3 66" Water Line

As a key partner of an overall regional strategy to reduce reliance on groundwater pumping, the West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) is in the midst of a large Surface Water Supply Project.

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