Airside Facilities

Designing a foundation

The collection of pavement that makes up airport runways, taxiways, and aprons provides a foundation for all travel needs. Garver’s team of experienced professionals work so that they’re always up to date and in peak condition while also prioritizing airfield lighting and signage, lighting control systems, and NAVAIDs.

All of Garver’s designs begin with insightful planning in concert with the desires of airport personnel, while enhancing safety areas, drainage, automated weather stations, utilities, access control, and performing environmental assessments, wildlife hazard assessments, wetland delineation, cultural resource survey, public involvement, and agency coordination.

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BNA Hangar Development

Garver provided lead design services for the project, which required work across multiple disciplines, including site and airfield civil, electrical, and fire protection engineering, interior architecture, and project management.

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