Electrical and Lighting

Equipping for high-performance

For an airport to fulfill its most essential obligation – transport passengers and goods in a safe and efficient manner – its runways, taxiways, and airfields need to be updated with the most state-of-the-art electrical systems. Garver’s electrical engineers provide proven airport visual aids and navigational aids (NAVAIDs), designed for longevity, reliability, and superior performance.

While providing lighting systems for approaches, runway and taxiway edges, centerline and touchdown zones, runway guards, as well as runway end identifier lights (REIL) and precision path indicators (PAPI), Garver fulfills needs specific to each client. Power distribution, lighting control and monitoring systems, electrical vaults and regulators, access control systems (ACS), intrusion detection systems (IDS), mass notification systems, and telecommunication systems are all designed for top performance and satisfied stakeholders.

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